Changba Town, Jinsha County, Guizhou Province: Town Highway to 上海水磨工作室 repair the masses "heart disease" elimination

  "I am most afraid to go to the Changba town, the road is too bad, the sedan can’t open the town." These long-term "spit" of the cadres in Jinsha County became a history at the end of October this year. As early as in 2008, the Changba Town took the asphalt road. "Later, adjacent towns and towns repaired roads, coal-coal cars changed to Changba, two or three, crush the roads, and pit pits in the road, getting getting worse.

"He Zhiqiang, the head of the Changba Town Transportation Management Station, said that many local cars can’t walk, only big trucks can go, the masses are very inconvenient. These years, with the construction of rural road networks, Changb Road, Tongcun Road Waiting in the road is better than the town road.

The Tao Tao, who lived next to the Town Ring Road, opened a liquefied gas, canned mineral water business department, said: "The road is potholes, I am very difficult to get up and down." Including Tao Tao’s nearly 20 people In 2018, it was raised about 110,000 yuan, and the 160m roads at home were hardened. In the second half of last year, the local application to highway pavement of Longba Town to Sharu Towns and Gaoping Town, the road. "This year, the party committee of Changba Town, the government will repair the road road, as an important thing to do 最新上海鸡微信群 practical things for the masses in party history education.

"Sun Yong, secretary of the party committee of Changba Town, told reporters that in addition to completing the road repair project from Changba Town to Sha Town and Gaoping Town in the second half of last year, it applied to repair funds to repair funds in Kili Town Ring Road road. More than 2,000 Ten thousand yuan, until the end of October, the tourism problem of all Ji Town, let the Changba Town Market and 4 villages in the surrounding villages are solved, and the "heart disease" of the people in the ten years. The car repair shop is operated next to the Town Ring Road Xiao Jin Min said, the road is good, there are more cars, the business is better. (Reporter Huang Liyuan Chen Wei).


Gandal County, Ganlong Township adheres to the "three focus" highlights as

In order to ensure the successful completion of the "5 · 22" earthquake reconstruction work, under the strong guidance of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Gandel County, the Village Supervision Committee strengthens the responsibility, perform supervision duties, and give full play to targeted supervision, accurate supervision, special supervision Role, activate the grassroots supervision.

Focus on reconstruction standards and guarantee the supervision. Since the launch of the "5 · 22" earthquake-disaster house, the Junlong Township Commission for Discipline Inspection held a special meeting, based on the work responsibility of the Village Supervision Committee, and 上海t台选秀水磨 arranged the deployment to carry out the development of the restroom and reinforcement of farm maintenance and reinforcement. Relevant matters, after detail, reconstruct the farm maintenance and reinforcement construction standards and construction content and notified the number of revisitors and grades of all villages in the township, and to master the data clear and supervise the contents.

Focus on cadres, strengthen your duties.

The village supervision committee focused on the mainstay of the responsible, blowing the "supervisory whistle", tightly surrounding the superior decision-making deployment, paying attention to the "promotion of services in supervision, strengthen supervision in service", and insist on strengthening daily supervision as the primary task At the construction 闵行会所你懂的 site, the construction site is tightened, the quality and epidemic management measures are implemented, and the forest management, grass management, herders party members can strictly style, strong discipline, dare to take good service, and ensure that the cadres can invest in solid style. Rebuilding the reinforcement of farmhouse after the earthquake.

Focus on the demands of the masses, smooth communication channels. Timely publication of the township, village supervision report call, take turns, "carpet" visits, etc., a total of more than 300 households, solve the people’s doubts more than 100 times, collect more than 20 advice, and actively preach the earthquake reconstruction of farm maintenance Reinforcement related policies.

The Village Supervision Committee has played the role of 上海洗浴桑拿网 supervisors, but also played the role of information staff, propagandists, and mediator, which strongly protects the people’s right to know, participation, supervision, and continuously enhance the sense of acquisition and satisfaction between the masses.

(Source: Gandi County Committee Propaganda Department) (Editor: Chen Jing, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.


Don’t let yourself "exposure" when you sleep.

In the survey, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page. Many friends are used to the TV or night lights because they are afraid of black and sleep. I feel that this will be more secure, but there is a very solid message is: this approach may let You get fat! When you are still working hard to control your weight during the day, when you take your mouth, this inadvertent habit can easily destroy your pay! ■ Do not sleep in the lights " A large-scale study against 43,222 women shows that there is a TV or lit lamp when sleeping, with a weight of 5 kg or more, and the risk of sudden overweight or obesity has increased by 22%. And 33%.

In short, it is to let you get fat at night. The study found that the brightness of the bedroom will affect blood lipids and obesity. The research published in the US "Epidemiology" magazine in 2014 showed that in 100,000 women, there were 14% overweight, 25% obesity, 16% waist circumference, 35 inches (about 88 cm) .

In addition, the light time growth will increase "bad" fat ratio, increase weight, resulting in obesity, induce inflammatory response, and increase heart disease risk. If the bedroom light is too bright, it will interfere with the two hormones secretion: one is "full of hormones", easy to make people feel full, it is not easy to eat too much; the other is "hunger", people have hunger, Stimulating people looking for food. A study of "Public Science Library · Medicine" published in 2004 showed that the short-term sleep will lead to a decline in human body "leptin", "hunger" has risen, hunger and appetite have increased significantly, making people eat more Many and fat.

  Maybe you don’t believe, but the real situation is that fat will happen in this way.

Of course, its harm is far more than fat and so simple. ■ The person is sleeping, but the body is still in life, some people always like to sleep at night, especially timid women and children, and think that the bright environment has a sense of security. Maybe you will feel that you are asleep, even if you open the light, you can’t feel the light! This is really a big mistake.

There is an endocrine organ in our brain called pine fruit, and its main function is to produce a large amount of melatonin when sleeping at night. This pigment is the most secreted in the morning at 11:00 to the next morning, and the secretion of these melatonin will be stopped after dawn. There is a biggest feature of pine fruit that as long as the eyeball is seen, the melatonin will stop working.

When the light is sleeping, although the eyes are closed, our body still has a group of special "photoreceptive cells", which is also particularly sensitive to weak light, and the pine fruit will be suppressed, so the melatonin level of this release Large decline, making the sleep rhythm change. "People" is the most direct impact on sleep, from our perception of the night, the light will continue to inhibit the secretion of melatonin, 上海虹口全套 which will make our brain have an illusion – it is still not sleeping. I finally know that I slept, the more I slept, the more excited the phone, the more excited? This kind of light pressure, long-term existence will make people feel emotionally, hit, sleep time is shortened, sleep quality is lowered, the depth of sleep is shallow, and immunity is naturally lowered.

  ■ Lighting sleep is less than a little bit of lighting is a bad habit, the latest study found that open lights sleep to our body abdomen. In addition to reducing immunity, there are also these hazards that you may not think.

  Increasing the risk of cancer chances to open the lights, which will cause the secretion of melatonin to be inhibited, but the secretion of melatonin can not only inhibit the excitement of our human sympathetic nerve,新阿拉爱上海地址 which will lead to the blood pressure of our human body, slow speed, so that our heart Get good rest, restore physical strength, can also play a role in killing cancer cells.

If there is no melatonin, then cancer cells and tumor cells in the body will rapidly fell, grow, and the destructive power of our DNA will rise, which leads to a large risk of cancer.

  Under normal conditions, the hormone secretion in our body is a fixed point in time, for example: the highest secretion time of androgen should be seven or eight points in the morning, that is, when the light is better.

Experts tell us that the excessive light time will cause the number of melatonin secreted by our body, causing the follicle estrogen in the girl to secrete in advance, so the child will have a phenomenon in the early development of the chest.

  The harm of the child’s eyes, the end of the light is more, and there is a child’s body, especially for babies or children. Many newbie mothers like to open the lights at night, in order to facilitate breastfeeding at night and take care of children. But I don’t know, too strong light will cause serious injury to the vision of newborn babies.

Long-term open lights will cause the pupil to be unable to relax, the nerves and muscles on the eyes have been tight. The latest research results show that the child before the age of two opens the lights, and the chance of being close to myopia in the future is 34%; I still open the light after 2 years old, and the proportion of myopia is 55% in the future, but the children who turn off the lights appear. The proportion of only one percent.

In addition to the probability of eye myopia, the hazard of long-term lantern is also included in the probability of increasing cataract, and the like.

  In the body, yin and yang disorders come from the perspective of Chinese medicine, the human body is in a patch when sleeping, making our body and mind to achieve the best state.

That is to say, humans need during the day and night, so the body can achieve the best state of the yin and yang balance. The lighting sleep will make our body disorder, so people are prone to fatigue feel, and they can’t get the best rest.

Lighting in the evening, the nerve is weak, insomnia, severe insomnia, will cause internal dysfunction, cancer, and so on. The results of photovoltaic research revealed that if women were in the lights long long, then the chances of breast cancer were doubled, while the risk of male prostate cancer increased. The opening is very large, especially the headlights that suddenly open light. As early as 2007, the World Health Organization categorized night shift as a health risks. Expected students have shown that people who often value night shifts, such as air flight attendants, telecommunications, doctors, nurses, etc. ■ How to reduce the harm of open lamps, whether from saving energy, or for physical health, people should try to avoid black and white, correcting the bad habits of falling asleep at night.

The nighttime light range is wide, and it is common in life. It will affect the light of people’s sleep. There are several types: table lights, night lights, hanging lights, wall lights, LED lights, etc., outdoor street lights, car lights, etc. Panel, computers, TV and other electronic products.

The following methods can also effectively reduce the harm of open lamps. ◎ Maintain a dark sleep environment, in addition to closing the desk lamp, night light, etc. The nightlights replace light light, such as red or orange night lights, the light of this light will be more soft; ◎ daily increase nutrition intake, such as some vitamins and blue, etc., eat more fresh vegetables and fruit; ◎ If The problem is more serious, and the appropriate amount of melatonin can be supplemented, but should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

  In addition to the above, it should also be tried to allow the electrical items of the transformer away from the bed 30 cm.

Such as bed head audio, alarm clock, dimming table lamp, charger, etc.

The electric waves of these electrical appliances have long been too close to the human body. The close contact is also easy to change the hormone secretion of the human body. About one-third of the time in a person’s life is sleeping, and "darkness" is the most basic guarantee for sleeping.

Even if you don’t grow fat, for health, please put down your phone, turn off the TV, tighten the curtains, put on your eyes, let yourself immerse yourself in a completely dark environment, relax, sleep well.

  Integrated family doctor, Sohu Health, 39 health report.


For the school loosen to the teacher, it can reduce the parents to reduce the burden of Jiangsu Taizhou: "Double min"

The education reform cannot be a headache for medical head, and the pedicure is physically.

In response to the hardships of the school, the student is heavy, the parents are generally anxious, etc. This year, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province has strictly implemented the "Double Reduction" policy, and the newly introduced a series of reform measures, comprehensively cultivates the quality ecology of basic education, and give education priorityThe development strategy refinement is a long-term mechanism, earnestly enhances the students ‘happiness, parents’ sense, teacher accomplishment.At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, in the South Campus of the Experimental Primary School Education Group in Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, on the playground, senior students are carrying basketball training; in the classroom, the international chess, chorus, Ocarina, and Guzheng and other communities have wonderful.

Gao Jinfeng, the group, introduced that the school provides strong base "basic meals", tastes the classic "buffet" and the three types of class of classic "custom meals", and the children can complete the operation, picking up the renewal, can also participate in 82 Youth orstone community. More than 7,000 students in the whole school, nearly 90% of the student service. In the first half of this year, Taizhou is fully promoted in the secondary and middle school class after the first half of this year. As of September, the city’s primary school student after class was nearly 80%, and junior high school students were close to 100%. In March this year, Taizhou’s online survey conducted by 10,000 teachers and 160,000 parents. After implementing the school after school, 70% of respondents reflect the most significant change in students to complete the operation on time, 4上海浦东夜生活论坛0% reflect the results Improve, 30% reflect the character more sunlight and confident. In addition to full implementation of "double reduction", Taizhou also promotes quality education resources, especially quality teachers.

The famous teacher Yan Weijuan from the Qing Dynasty, Taizhou City Experimental Primary School, two years ago, to teach the Eastern Campus of the Suburban Access Ministry, driving a group of young teachers to grow.

"There are famous teachers, and the Eastern Campus has gradually obtained the peripheral parents, six years ago, only dozens of students in township primary schools, now enrolls more than 500 people every year.

"Telephone director said. Wan Yongliang, director of the Taizhou Education Bureau, said that Taizhou has realized the full coverage of 上海干磨推荐 the Compulsory Education School Group, through the implementation of the teacher’s exchange of rigidity mechanism, the city’s compulsory education stage teachers exceeded one quarter, of which The exchange ratio of backbone teachers exceeds one-third. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Taizhou will build 206 primary and secondary school kindergartens, and adding degrees more than 130,000.

"Education reform should firmly grasp the key links in the school, comprehensive management to optimize educational ecology, and earnestly enhance the masses to gain sense, social identity." Wan Yongliang said.

"Inheriting the red gene, step on the full footprint. We must not forget the joy, continue to advance.

"In the hometown of super-war hero Yang Gage, the teacher and students of the 上海寻凤阁 root elementary school are reading" Heroes Declaration ". Taizhou was a new four army base, red soil rich.

The local integration resources into students ‘live practice, teachers’ classroom teaching and campus cultural construction, guiding adolescents to deduct the first button of life.

In Jiangyan Middle School, Jiangsu Province, there is a "soil class" every week.

The principal Sun Youxin introduced that through the form of soil laboratory, using ceramic art, physical and chemical analysis, biological cultivation, etc., and cultivated students’ native identity and home. Implementing the "Health First" Education Concept, Taizhou will open the opening of the sports class as a vote for physical quality monitoring.

"The school has introduced new regulations, vision, or in two consecutive semes, the results of decline in the consecutive semester can not be evaluated, and the results of students are hooks with teachers’ assessment." Chen Zhifeng, president of the East Bridge Primary School, Jiangyan District, said, through the year, through Increase the number of distant times in class, outdoor activities, etc., the overall near-vision rate of the whole school fell by 13%.

This year is the first year of Taizhou senior high school entrance examination sports reform, and the bobbin is changed from the selected test.

The city’s results show that more than 40% of the third candidates have got a full score. In Jiangsu Province Taizhou Middle School Student Development Guidance Center, the reporter saw a message card for "words": "Thank you for your help, if you don’t listen to you each time, maybe my grave grass is three feet. Too high. "" The center should be involved in the students’ psychological counseling nearly 300 cases. "

Not all students can score, we guide each student to find the development path that suits you, reasonably actively and self-evaluate, and people who are sunny. "Full-time psychological teacher Shen Yan said. Education priority and high quality development, can not stay in the slogan. The leader of the Thai Municipal Party Committee Education Work Leading Group, the Minister of Propaganda, said that the anchor" Let the children can go to school "goals, for teachers Parents reflect the strongest problem, Taizhou passed system reform, breaking the deep obstacle to restricting education development, loosening for the school, enhancing teachers, decompressing parents, mining the child. Education priority, planning. Taizhou Natural resources and Ding Xiaopeng, deputy director of the Planning Bureau, introduced that the city’s education facilities layout planned has been preferred in the maintenance of the country and sole, where is the development of education, how much annually, the responsible subject is who, the funds are all clear, ensuring education facility planning rigid implementation.

Promoting the comprehensive reform of education, and stimulate teachers’ motivation is the key.

Qiao Heping, deputy director of Taizhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, said that in order to attract more outstanding talents, Taizhou opens up a special position, cracking structural lack of problems; and coordinates the probilization of education stages, focusing on the training of youth backbone teachers.

Dong Jian, deputy director of Taizhou Education Bureau, is present that Taizhou has formed a commendation system covering all education positions. Poor teacher.

Zhang Jintao, deputy director of Taizhou Finance Bureau, said that "currently can withstand, future sustainable" principle, Taizhou priority to ensure education expenditure – the city’s primary and secondary school kindergarten in the editorial staff, establish a synchronous growth mechanism; press Compulsory education 120%, high school 150% nuclear increase teacher reward performance, focusing on the first-line teacher and class teacher … The education reform is large, the effectiveness is slow, and the results are not immediate. "The more this, the more test of grassroots cadres . We will take the work of the work, the work of the people, and cultivate more people’s country, and cultivate more people’s country, and cultivate more people’s countries. Zhu Li Fan, secretary of Taizhou Municipal Party Committee. (Reporter Ling Junhui, Chen Yuan).


China @ 四 川 | Sichuan Hua Wei: Children’s Painting Institute is the "seed" for mountain children

  Sichuan Huaqi Municipal Government, Social Welfare Organization has established a children’s painting in the city of Junhe Village, the city, organized local art teachers to use holidays and weekends to carry out painting, handmade art education for children, and strive to cultivate children in the mountains.Observe, imagination and creativity, broadcast the "seeds" of art in the heart.

  On July 21st, the art teachers of Children’s Painting Institute in Junhe Town, Huaqi City, Sichuan Province guided children to practice painting.

Xinhua News Agency (Zhou Song Lin photo) 上海美女品茶 On July 21, the art teachers of Children’s Paintings in Mingyue Town, Huaqi City, Sichuan 上海浦东油压带全套 Province were reviewing children’s paintings.Xinhua News Agency (Zhou Song Lin photo) July 爱上海同城验证发帖区 21Xinhua News Agency (Zhou Song Lin photo).


Guiping City Village-level collective economy multi-diverse "blossom"

  Recently, the author walks along Guiping to Shilong Secondary Highway, and the golden rice fields are welcoming the season. At the same time in the rice harvest, the villagers of Liangcun, Guiping City, smiled, gains more fill than last year. Because the land "of the land" is golden ", it is real benefits in the land transfer. "We have repeatedly issued land circulation rent to the farmers, there are both cash issuance, and bank transfer, the peasant has money, and the heart is blooming.

逍遥网上海论坛 "Tan Yanyang, secretary of the party committee of Qi Lu Township, is pleased to say the land transfer situation of the country. Since July this year, five villages such as Liangcun, Shuangjing Village, Xiangku Village, since July this year, strive to promote the development of rice shrimp synthesis projects, currently It has all been transferred to the land of 9,000 mu, and the land transfer rent is issued by more than 3.66 million yuan, and the village collective economic revenue is increased. After the flow of the land, the next step, the Houlu Township will create a more influential scale-scale integrated rice shrimp comprehensive breeding Base, comprehensive increase in stable income of villagers.

In the development of the village collective economy, Guiping City encouraged the province’s collective to give full play to the "two committees" organizational functions, and concerted the land of the village, and the land-village collective can obtain land transfer rental revenue or transfer service revenue.

  "The village collective economy is an important part of rural revitalization.

In the measures, it is true for the first chapter. At present, the annual income of more than 100,000 yuan in 432 administrative villages in Guiping City, accounting for more than 200,000 yuan, more than 500,000 yuan. %, Complete the annual target task in advance. We mainly promote multi-point flowers, effectively enhance the village collective economic ‘hematopoietic’ function, and promote the revitalization of rural resolution. "The Ministry of Organization of the Guiping Municipal Party Committee, Lai Xiaodong, said the current city-level collective economic development.

  Allown land circulation "Fund", also allows fixed assets "Fund". Guiping City also vigorously promoted collective resource assets to promote income, the city through the collective facade of the tray, idle plant, abandoned construction land, etc., the city, independent operation, rental, investment stocks, etc., focusing on the development of property rental economy. Yong Pei Village, Xishan Town, invested 800,000 yuan to upgrade the original farmers’ market in the village collective, completely changed the image of "dirty chaos" in the original market, helping the village collective more than 200,000 yuan, this is the mining shadow of the city’s live village-level assets .

  The pillar industry "head array" is created. Since this year, Guiping City also focuses on playing project integration, 33 villages integrate all kinds of support funds of 1.65 million yuan and Guangxi Guiko Farming and Pastoral Technology Co., Ltd. After the project is completed, the aquaculture industry is developed in the field rental form to develop a aquaculture industry, and it can generate more than 1.3 million yuan per year.

Integrating project 上海品茶微信桑拿酒店 funds Injecting the village collective economic projects into the new type of agricultural operating entity such as leading enterprises, cooperatives, adheres to "multi-village group, joint construction", increasing the income of village collective, which has become the new model of the current national collective economic development in Guiping City.

  Rural specialty tourism is becoming a new growth point of Guiping’s village-level collective economy. Nanmu Town Lu Lui Village is a demonstration point of rural special tourism. At present, there are 12 farmhouses in Luo Liancun, with a total investment of more than 50 million yuan, driving development of fruit, organic vegetables, flowers and other industries, more than 70,000 yuan in the collective economy, the next step, with the whole domain tourism In-depth 闵行会所油压发廊 implementation, rural specialty tourism will become a new growth point of Guiping’s village-level collective economy. (Chen Yijun Liang Mengzhen Li Hai ") (Editor: Wang Yong, Xu Weiwen) Sharing let more people see.


4 months in advance! The longest tunnel of the high-speed railway in Guishan is smooth

Guiyang Net News is over 1200 days and nights, December 5, at 7:38 in the morning, with a cannon sound, Zuiyang to Nanning High-speed Railway, which is built by China Railway 18th Bureau, is exported in parallel guided cave ( Pingfid) successfully penetrated, 4 months in advance than the planned period, marking the remaining projects of the tunnel Zhengdong (the main structure of the tunnel), which laid a solid foundation for the whole tunnel. The Jiuwan Mountain No. 1 tunnel is located in Libo County, Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, with a total length of 17012 meters (km), is the longest tunnel in the whole line of Guishan and even the Southwest China, and is also one of the largest high-speed rail tunnels in Southwest China. The entire number of top-neutralized engineering and one level risk management tunnel started 上海各区新茶工作室 construction on September 9, 2018. "The Jiuwan Mountain No. 1 Tunnel cross-land geological structure is complex and varied, the whole tunnel can be soluble, the rock solubility is medium to strong, the upper and urinary dark rivers, the surface development is large, and the risks of the inherstore.

"The person in charge of the Sports 18 of the China Railway 18th Bureau introduced that in order to ensure the safety and progress of construction, the project department uses the" 2 cross hole +1 drain hole + 2 ventilation shaft +1 exit parallel guided cave ". Mode. Parallel cave is an auxiliary tunnel (working surface) added for the tunnel Zhengdong (main hole).

This penetration is 9228 meters, which is one of the key projects of the high-speed railway of Guishan. It is parallel or approximate 上海龙凤桑拿网 in the direction of the tunnel. It is connected to the drain hole + 800 meters from DK184 kilometers, from two working area Digital into the tunnen. Since July 15, 2018, it began to construct the day. The pitizen hole has passed through the 6-set floor, 2 faults, 1 contact belt, encountered 260 large and small caves, the construction difficulty, high safety risks, construction pressure Heavy. In response to difficulties, the project department has a series of complex geological conditions and inconvenient transportation and convenient transportation and inconvenient transportation, etc. Difficult, set off the labor competition boom, achieving an average monthly-month-old monthly target, creating the highest record of the highest number of monthly provets up to 330 meters, and passing 4 months in advance than the planning 爱上海同城aish period.

"The penetration of the pilots will increase the centralized construction work surface, which greatly improves the construction organization, material transportation and tunnel ventilation conditions, effectively avoids the risk of rigid in the river, hull, and sharp mud."

"The person in charge of the project department introduced that as of December 4, the Jiuwan Mountain No. 1 Tunnel Zhengkong excavation has completed rice, accounting for 84% of the total length, only the remaining rice. After the leading, the residual project will be quickly promoted The whole tunnel can be accommodated.

Guishan high-speed rail is a high-speed railway, a high-speed railway, a high-speed railway in Guizhou, a national "medium-long railway network plan", "eight-year-old" high-speed rail main channel Baotou to Haikou channel, the rigid is 482 kilometers, of which In Guizhou, in 200 kilometers long, 283 kilometers long in Guangxi, the whole line is expected to achieve operational conditions at the end of 2023.

After the high-speed railway in Guishan, the high-speed EMU will then compress from Guiyang to Nanning. From now on, it is within 2 hours. For the improvement of Guizhou high-speed rail network, improve the travel conditions along the people along the line, promote the revitalization and economic and social highways along the line. Quality development will play an important role.

(Guiyang Daily Heading Media Reporter Zeng Qin) (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.


12 economic digital transformation focused on special publication! Shanghai urban digital transformation "four beam eight column" constructs a form

Shanghai Economic News Commission said that Shanghai has basically form the top design frame system of "1 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 1", and 12 special items, including hard-core technology, online new economy, and new models, etc. action.

According to the annual work point of urban digital transformation, Shanghai this year, Shanghai is strengthened with "ten new" as specific starters, "chemical" new technologies, new formats, and new models. Hard core technology, focusing block chains, V2X road coordinates, quantum communications, etc. will create 100 key projects this year.

Online new economic aspects, the city’s software and information service industry increased value in the first half of the year, maintained rapid development; "Changyang Xiuzi" "Zhangjiang Online" is officially unveiled, and a batch of flow-sharing enterprises. This year, it will focus on 20 internationally influential new generation Internet companies, accelerate 8 billion-level e-commerce platforms, build 20+ industry benchmark platforms.

In terms of new models of manufacturing, the Municipal Economic and Information Committee focused on manufacturing digital transformation, completed 26 industrial Internet benchmark platforms with industry influence, to create platform design, intelligent manufacturing, network synergy, service-saving and other benchmark applications.

上海新茶群 In terms of business new activities, the Municipal Commerce Committee focuses on the "Five-Year Shopping Festival" equiplines linking activities platform, building a group of exemplary digital business districts, accelerating the formation of 10 digital content IP with overseas influence.

In terms of financial new science and technology, the Municipal Finance Bureau landed a number of 上海水磨工作室论坛 digital RMB scenes, which leads the whole country in the number of white list customers, number of wallets, wallet transactions. In terms of the new ecology of Science, the scientific data is the core, planning the scientific research cloud platform, the Yangtze River Delta technical market, and the 3 major projects online, and promotes the sharing of long-range scientific and technological resources, the global scientific and technological talent library and smart technology exchange 3 digitized transition benchmarks construction.

In the new hub, the Municipal Transport Committee actively promotes the brain projects in the airport in the first half of the year, enhances flight guarantee and resource scheduling ability. On the Demonstration Project of the Ocean Port Smart Heavy Card, there were 14 smart heavy card business operations to complete nearly 10,000 standard box transportation. In terms of agricultural experience, the Municipal Agricultural Commission has achieved a "one map" "one" "one network" to achieve more than 79% of the city’s agricultural production land, 6,286 production and operation main body.

In terms of data new elements, the head enterprises of 30 data innovation applications will be gathered this year, and 5 value-added telecom business pilots such as IDC will open 100%.

The digital new infrastructure is accelerated to promote the construction of intelligent intelligence platforms.

This year, 10,000 5G outdoor base stations will be completed, and the central urban and suburban key areas will continue to be covered.


Hangzhou focusing epidemic prevention and control work focuses on strengthening supervision

  "There are several households who have not detected." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Nanyuan Street found an exampleless case of no symptom infection, immediately started an emergency plan, and implemented a 24-hour epidemic prevention and control flight. The street discipline work will send the supervision team to the first time, whether the anti-epidemic materials are sufficient, whether the test personnel and equipment are in place, whether the on-site order is ordered, and the nucleic acid detection of 28 nucleic acid detection points will be carried out in the early morning until the early morning. At 4 o’clock, all personnel were tested.

  In the past few days, the city’s discipline inspection and supervision cadres have moved, focus on the focus of the epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the supervision and obsection, and strive to ensure the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control. On December 8th, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission was printed on "Notice on Enestology to Epidemic Prevention and Control". From the compaction work responsibility, focusing on key links, close attention to the gateway, strictly check the "three do not" behavior, strengthen its own defense Control and the principle further clarify discipline 长宁区419娱乐会所 requirements, urge the party organizations and leading cadres at all levels to implement political responsibility and refine prevention and control.

The urban two-level inspection team adopted "On-site linkage supervision + issues", "rectifying + rectifying back inspection" mode, take the initiative to find problems, check risks, plugging holes.

  After the diagnosis of diagnosed cases in Xiaoshan District, the local Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission quickly responded, and he established a supervision team overnight. He implemented hard isolation, personnel investigation, comprehensive murder, etc. Introduction. In order to resolutely block the epidemic cross-provincial municipal communication chain, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission and the 上海品茶平台 Municipal Defense Office, the Qijian Committee strengthens the linkage collaboration, centrally supervising the power, supervise the relevant regions and responsible units to resolutely keep in the Hangzhou channel, strengthen the investigation and management Epidemic prevention measures, promote people with the same defense, strictly implement the full-chain full-time process full-time closed loop management from the entrance of Hangzhou to the home.

  "Please show the registration information of today’s key passengers.

"" Internet us, taxis do not do one car inspection, double code dual core? " "The East Railway Station of hundreds of thousands of people in the Japanese traffic is the important transportation hub in Hangzhou. The Supervision Commission of Shangcheng District 上海贵族宝贝桑拿会所 Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of the second Jiyun Inspection and supervision, the responsibility of the Pressing Subtock, and urged the entry layer to measure the brightness code. Epidemic prevention, key passenger information registration, etc.

At the Dongxin Street, the Secretary of the Street Commission, I can help the nucleic acid testing, personnel management; Wenhui Street Discipline Inspection Monitoring Cadre returns to the post, guided by personnel, community sealing, nucleic acid detection After the night of the night, I immediately put into nucleic acid detection sampling point settings in the morning of the morning, and the supervision and inspection of the personnel equipped, the materials reserves and sampling is … "The epidemic prevention and control is political responsibility.

The city’s discipline inspection and supervision cadres should be in front of the crucial moments, while the overtields and fight, high-efficiency and collaboration, resolutely control the responsibility, not being tightly controlled, and do not perform the problem, etc., in order to protect the people of the city’s normal working life . The relevant person in charge of the Supervision Committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission said. (Hangzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection Co., Ltd. || Responsible Editor Li Wenfeng) (Editor: Ma Chang, Deng Zhihui).


Cross-strait reporters Qinghai line started in Xining

  This newspaper Xining June 20 (Reporter Sun Liji) 2019 National Taiwan Union Cross-Strait Reporter Qinghai Bank started in Xining, 30 media reporters from cross-strait, the first station focused on the 20th China · Qinghai Green Development Investment Trade Fair (referred to as "Youth Fair"). The "Youth Fair" opened in Xining on the morning of the 20th, the four-day session will hold more than 50 kinds of activities such as the theme forum,浦东曹路皖君足浴 exhibition, theme investment promotion, from 29 provinces, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and 16 More than 3,900 companies in a country exhibited.

  In the "Qing Fa", the reporter encountered the Taihang representative Jiang Peiqi. In March this year, the Fujian Provincial Women’s Federation awarded three honorary titles of "March 8 Red Flagner", which was one of them. Jiang Peiqi said that the theme of the "Youth Fair" is green development. She is also the same concept, so she is holding the attitude of learning. Jiang Peiqi also said that as a representative of the Taiwan businessman, she hopes to be able to attach a Taiwan to Taiwan, bringing two sides of the strait and talents under the big healthy industry on both sides of the strait, so that the "bilateral family" is really 上海飞机店kb become "two sides of the strait". As one of the activities of the "Youth Fair", "2019 well-known overseas Chinese vendors entered Qinghai" Summit Forum on the afternoon of the 20th. The person in charge of the Qinghai Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Industry and Information Service and other departments introduced the relevant situation of Qinghai, and the Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Merchant, the Chairman of the Peruvian Wanxin Group, Xu Zhi-binding, sharing their cooperation for Qinghai, The understanding and suggestion of green development. The Secretary of the National Taiwan Union Parties, President Huang Zhixian participated in the afternoon forum. He said that 60 Taiwanese representatives of the National Taiwan Group and the cross-strait reporters entered the Damei Qinghai,上海油压服务论坛 inspected the docking project, reporting the conference, and a great event and a happy event. He hopes that the Taiwan business representative, the media reporter understands and vigorously promotes Qinghai to attract more people to invest in the construction of Qinghai, enhance friendship and joint development in exchange cooperation.

  In addition to the "Youth Fair", cross-strait reporters will also visit Gulo, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, understand the green development of Qinghai, ecological environmental protection, minority areas to remove poverty adjustment. (Editor: Feng grain, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.